Eur > medicine & health > erasmus mc > view article cerebral white matter lesions and depressive symptoms in elderly adults groot, j. C. De leeuw, h. female viagra for sale F. De oudkerk, m. viagra women meme Jolles, j. Breteler, m. How to take viagra 20mg M. B. Hofman, a. January 2000 article archives of general psychiatry erasmus mc: university medical center rotterdam related files view pdf version (11074873. illegal purchase viagra online Pdf, 0. 2mb) background: there is evidence for a vascular cause of late-life depression. buy cheap viagra Cerebral white matter lesions are thought to represent vascular abnormalities. buy viagra online White matter lesions have been related to affective disorders and a history of late-onset depression in psychiatric patients. Their relation with mood disturbances in the general population is not known. We investigated the relation between white matter lesions and the presence of depressive symptoms or a history of depression in a population-based study. buy generic viagra Methods: in a sample of 1077 nondemented elderly adults, we assessed the presence and severity of subcortical and periventricular white matter lesions using magnetic resonance imaging, presence of depressive symptoms, and history of depression. viagra for cheap Using multiple regression analysis, we examined the relation among white matter lesions, depressive symptoms, and history of depression. Results: most of the subjects had white matter lesions. Persons with severe white matter lesions (upper quintile) were 3 to 5 times more likely to have depressive symptoms as compared with persons with only mild or no white matter lesions (lowest quintile) (periventricular odds ratio [or] = 3. cheap generic viagra 3; 95% confidence interval [ci], 1. Viagra viagra or viagra which is better 2-9. Safe buy viagra india 5; subcortical or = 5. cheap viagra 4; 95% ci, 1. taking viagra xanax 8-16. 5). viagra expiration safe In addition, persons with severe subcortical but not periventricular white matter lesions were more likely to have had a history of depression with an onset after age 60 years (or = 3. pink viagra for women side effects 4; 95% ci, 1. buy cheap viagra 1-10. 7) compared with persons with only mild or no white matter lesions. Conclusion: the severity of subcortical white matter lesions is related to the presence of depressive symptoms and to a history of late-onset depression. viagra generic names joke Keywords male aged aged, 80 and over female humans netherlands/epidemiology research support, non-u. cheap generic viagra S. Gov't risk factors severity of illness index regression analysis comorbidity age of onset depressive disorder/*diagnosis/epidemiology/psychology brain diseases/diagnosis/epidemiology/*pathology cerebral cortex/*pathology magnetic resonance imaging/statistics & numerical data automatically extracted terms depression depressive symptoms depressive matter lesions study. illegal purchase viagra online viagra online viagra triangle restaurants how does viagra pill look